Supro 1296BG Silverwood

Supro 1296BG Silverwood

1296 Silverwood Specifications

•Ash or Mahogany Body

•Set Neck with Black Satin Finish

•2x Supro Gold Foil pickups

•24.75″ Scale Length

•Pau Ferro Fretboard

•Block Acrylic Inlays



Supro 1296BG Silverwood

Possibile ordinarla con custodia rigida originale Supro (Euro 159) o con gigbag Supro Deluxe (Euro 85,00) oppure gigbag Supro Standard (Euro 55,00).

Si valutano permute (

The Supro Silverwood is a high-performance recreation of the instrument referred to as “Supro’s Finest Electric” when it was introduced in the 1960 catalog. In keeping with the flagship mentality embodied in the original model, the new Silverwood is constructed with select tone woods, ergonomic body contours and premium hardware. The 2019 Supro Silverwood is offered with a choice of transparent finishes over a mahogany or ash body with a glued-in, set-neck joint for superior stability and easy access to the upper frets. The 24 ¾”-scale maple neck has a smooth black satin finish on the back and Pau Ferro fretboard on top, with matching headstock, body and neck binding for maximum player comfort. The Silverwood’s authentic Supro Gold Foil pickups provide high-output, broadband, single-coil tone with extremely low noise—offering up a sonic palette that covers a wide range of rock, blues, funk and R&B styles.

Originally referred to as “Clear Tone” pickups when they were introduced by Supro in the mid 50s, the Gold Foil pickups found in the Silverwood guitar deliver hi-fidelity articulation at all frequencies, letting the character of the wood and the musician’s hands shine through. 50’s wiring on the Volume and Tone controls allow the player to use the volume knob without losing the top-end sparkle of the pickups, even when playing quietly. Every element of the Silverwood guitar has been carefully considered and selected to achieve world-class performance, while retaining the vibe of the mid-century American classic that set the standard for Supro electric guitars.

This top-of-the-line Supro model was later adopted by Mississippi-born-come-Chicago bluesman, Jimmy Reed, the legendary American blues artist whose songs have been covered by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Etta James and the Grateful Dead.


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