Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

  • Low boost / High boost tone control
  • Provides more power in the lower range than other pedals
  • Up to 55 dB of extra boost
  • Controls for Distortion, Drive and Level
  • A highly-compressed, singing sustain



Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

The Japanese company Maxon has been around for a long time, although it was never really known to us. This is because Maxon was always closely associated with Ibanez, and their effects pedals were mostly developed for Ibanez and sold under their name throughout the world. In the interim, word got out that the legendary Tubescreamer TS808 actually comes from Maxon, and in the course of the retro boom Maxon is now bringing almost all their old darlings back onto the market.

Many might recall the SD9 Sonic Distortion; there was the pretty part (green mamba springs to mind), which was indeed with us in the 80s from Ibanez. And it sounds equally poisonous; in contrast to classic fuzz (as they were earlier called) pedals, the sound and dynamics are not messed up and the tone controller can also add some solid bass – that’s some endless punch!

The SD9 has a very particular distortion sound, which is typically loved or hated. However, in quieter settings more moderate crunch sounds are possible, which still manage to retain something of that wonderful scratchiness.

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